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Psychology Tuition A level

Psychology at A level can sometimes appear to be a jumble of research studies and statistics which can leave many students confused and bewildered.

Psychology is a fascinating subject – there is always something new to discover and although I started learning the subject over 30 years ago, I find there is always something new to learn about human behaviour! I do understand that there can be a lot to remember and can offer intensive revision just before the exam to plug those gaps you feel you may have missed or take a slower approach over the next few months and focus on those key topics you may want to understand more fully.

Getting a good grade in exams is not just about knowing the subject – it is also about selecting the relevant material to answer the question set and many students end up with disappointing results because they include a lot of irrelevant material in their answer.

Good exam technique is a skill which can be learnt and we provide support in helping you to focus on what the examiner is looking for using past papers which will help you in understanding the meaning of command words, time management skills, question planning and writing. Don’t get yourself in a panic – reach out for some expert help!

I have a postgraduate qualification in Psychology and many years’ experience in teaching the subject from A level though to Postgraduate level and I can help you become more focused and confident in your approach to the subject in all the core areas and beyond.

I have up to date knowledge of all the major exam boards including AQA, OCR and Edexcel with experience of teaching all of them and I am happy to offer this subject both online and face to face with a minimum of once a week but can be more intensive if required.

Adult Learning

Are you a mature student? Have you returned to study after a break having a family? Or maybe you are changing careers and need a new qualification?

An adult has different challenges compared to when you are at school and I know what that is like as I was a mature student myself juggling family commitments, work and studying and managing your various commitments can add unwanted pressures when your time is limited. Having a coach or mentor to keep you motivated and on track can be invaluable and help you sort out the important from the less important and help you to prioritise your tasks.

We can offer study support for the following:

  • Psychology at degree and postgraduate level including research methods and planning your dissertation
  • Study skills such as skim reading, research and essay writing
  • How to reference correctly from primary and secondary sources, citations and footnotes

Tailored service

Experienced & Professional

Confidence boosting

Guidance, advice & direction

DBS checked

KS2, KS3, KS4 & KS5

Flexible times

Online and face to face tuition

Travel 15 miles radius of Maidstone

See what some of our clients have said

Rowena worked wonders with me as I managed to achieve a high A in my A level Psychology exam. Her passion for Psychology shone through and gave me that extra bit of inspiration and knowledge that I needed to gain an A grade overall and secure my place at university.


In just 6 lessons, my Psychology grade improved from a U to a C. My confidence really improved and I'm happy because I've got a place at University to study Forensic Science and Criminology. So thank you.