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Parents - How you can help develop your child's brain and learning capacity

The brain just like the body becomes stronger and more resilient with repeated exercise designed to strengthen pathways in the brain making memory, learning and recall much easier. This article gives tips and suggestions and how you can hep your child grow their brain and develop their minds for success

Published 16 April 2024

Do you think your child is bad at Maths? - you need to read on.......

Many people think that you are born with a gift for maths or not - this kind of thinking is called a Fixed mindset. However, those who have a Growth mindset believe that with self- belief and hard work - anything can be achieved - yes even success at Maths!

Published 19 March 2024

Non verbal reasoning

Most children love this aspect of the 11+ but there are a range of types of questions that tests different aspects of your child's reasoning ability.

Published 31 August 2022

What you need to know for 11  maths - tips for parents

What you need to know for success in 11+ maths - tips for parents

Children need to have a complete grasp of key maths concepts such as times tables, division, multiplication and subtraction as well as a number of core subjects. A great way to help your child develop these concepts is by introducing them to fun games. There are so many games online today which are fun as well as educational and whether your child is just going into year 5 in September 2022 or whether they are going to take the Kent test in September 2022 your child will benefit from keeping their brain active as well as developing those brain connections.

Published 26 July 2022

10 Exam Tips for GCSE and A level summer 2022

Don't panic - exam time is nearly here- plan ahead - focus on each exam as it comes - get plenty of rest the night before - no burnig the midnight oil - it really doesn't work!

Published 26 April 2022

Can music really enhance learning?

A number of studies have shown that a short time listening to music can enhance spatial reasoning skills to a greater extent than no music. We look at the so called 'Mozart Effect' and how this can influence learning

Published 10 March 2022