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Parent testimonials

"Rowena has tutored Cameron for the 11+ and has built his confidence tremendously. He passed with excellent marks and can now apply for a top Grammar school place. Rowena is brilliant at assessing children and building their confidence where needed. Thank you again Rowena, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others, or contact you again should we need to".

"Rowena has given our son George the confidence to believe in his strengths and abilities, and through encouragement and enjoyment, has been extremely successful in his 11+ result. Rowena has a sunny disposition, she is always so warm and friendly, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with her."

'My son grew from dreading Maths to enjoying the challenge, during his time with Rowena. He attained a very good result, due to the focus and personalised tutoring that each weekly session brought, and it allowed me to concentrate on his other subjects.'

'In June this year, we employed Rowena to tutor our daughter, Steph, with her GCSE Maths. With Rowena's expertise and guidance, Steph was able to attain the grade she needed. We would have no hesitation in recommending Rowena to anyone for Maths tuition.'
Mr and Mrs Broom, Maidstone.

"Rowena has provided an invaluable service for my daughter, not only by assisting her to improve her academic skills, but by giving her the ability to believe in herself and enabling her confidence to grow. This was a well spent investment in my child's future."

'We hired Rowena to help our son through the 11+. Rowena gave our son confidence in himself which helped him to become one of the top performers in his class. We were so impressed that we kept Rowena on until the SATs tests. We would have no hesitation in recommending Rowena to others as the service is very professional with honest feedback. Thanks to Rowena our son is now looking forward to Grammar school.'

"Rowena has been tutoring both of our sons, years 5 and 8. This greatly helped their maths skills, as well as the verbal and non verbal reasoning skills for the 11+ and their confidence levels have soared. We always find Rowena very professional and punctual and would highly recommend her services."

"We decided to approach a tutor when our daughter failed the 11 plus and she began to doubt her own abilities. Rowena assessed her needs and tutored her each week for approximately 6 months. During this time our daughter found it easier to express her ideas and thoughts into her work. She says that `Rowena put the fun into learning.' Since then her written work has come on in leaps and bounds and she was encouraged to take Grammar school entrance tests by her school; she passed them and starts Grammar school September 2010."

"I was delighted to find Rowena as a tutor for Lydia. She taught her Maths during year 9 and year 11, in preparation for GCSE. She benefited from her clear explanations of problems that she has always found difficult. From my point of view, she was always punctual and reliable and was always prepared to give me feedback at the end of the lesson. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a Maths tutor. I believe that Lydia's grades have improved since she has been coaching her and she has told me that she found Rowena's assistance invaluable."

Rowena has communicated very well with my daughter and certainly achieved results which she would not have achieved in a large classroom. I would certainly recommend Rowena who has also been very flexible with appointment arrangements.

"Rowena, We would like to say a big thank you for tutoring my son these past two years in Maths and English. During this time my son's grades and confidence have grown and your support has been invaluable. My son has had the best possible start at his secondary school and this is in part due to your excellent tutoring skills, advice and understanding. "
Pauline and Craig

"Rowena has tutored our daughter since 2007, focussing mainly on maths, and has done a fantastic job. Not only is she an excellent tutor, she also has a talent for instilling confidence and self belief. I am ecstatic to say that Phoebe achieved An A star in her maths GCSE this summer and I know this wouldn't have been possible without Rowena's assistance. Thanks Rowena "

"Rowena tutored my son originally for his 11+ examination, which he passed with good results. Five years later we called on her skills again when he took his GCSE maths in which he passed at A grade. Rowena is always professional and I have had no hesitation in recommending her to friends who have been equally pleased with the results their children have achieved."

"Our son Matthew was lacking in confidence in Maths before we began lessons with Rowena. Not only did Rowena make the lessons fun and interesting,but Matt is now doing 'A' level after passing his GCSE with A*. Rowena is extremely reliable and punctual, she even made it to us during one of last years snow storms!"

Student testimonials

"I got an A in Psychology and got into my first choice University so I'm very happy. Thank you for all your help Rowena"

Rowena worked wonders with me as I managed to achieve a high A in my A level Psychology exam. Her passion for Psychology shone through and gave me that extra bit of inspiration and knowledge that I needed to gain an A grade overall and secure my place at university.

"I enjoyed my Monday's after school with Rowena. The activities were fun, but most of all thank you so much for helping me to pass the 11+."

'Got a B in Maths.Thank you so much for all your help. Couldn't have done it without you. I know I have been a struggle but it paid off!'

'Overall, I got a B in Psychology & I am pleased with that. Thanks for your patience and hard work'

'In just 6 lessons, my Psychology grade improved from a U to a C. My confidence really improved and I'm happy because I've got a place at University to study Forensic Science and Criminology. So thank you'.

"Rowena is fun even though she teaches me spelling and grammar."

"Rowena is a brilliant tutor. I have really enjoyed my lessons with her. She has helped me a lot to get into grammar school. I was not very confident with my maths and Rowena has really changed that. I am now excelling at maths at grammar!"

"Rowena has helped me with my English. She is quite funny and always makes me laugh. She loves to talk a lot!"